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How Can Anyone Afford B-School Now?P

(article published in Forbes, September 2009) In recent years a master of business administration degree has become a powerful accessory, if not an absolute essential, for anyone aiming to reach the top in the corporate world. It has also proven its worth in helping to break the monopoly of traditional establishment types in board rooms … Continue reading

At Business School, Sustainability Takes Center Stage

(article published in BusinessWeek, September 2009) Many MBA programs open with an inspirational speech from a well-heeled alum. These days green business evangelists are the hot ticket. It’s that time again. Summer vacation is over, the sunscreen and swimsuits have been stashed, and a new school year at business school is underway. But what sort … Continue reading

Management master has world’s attention

(article published in The Toronto Star, Sept 2009) “Unhappy is the land that needs heroes”. So claims Henry Mintzberg, iconoclastic management guru at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. His echo of the characters in a Brecht play is a reflection on the current economic turmoil, and what he sees as the steps needed … Continue reading

Where could I be taking my MBA? The overseas option

(article published in The Toronto Star, Sept 2009) As he heads down Bloor Street and steps into the Toronto offices of Gap Inc., Jeffrey Spivock reflects on how quickly his career has changed. A little over a year ago Spivock had begun his MBA at Melbourne Business School, one of the leading schools in the … Continue reading

Where in the world with an MBA?

(article published in The Warsaw Business Journal, August 2009) A look at the Polish job market for MBA graduates in today’s difficult economy Historically, the MBA qualification has been an almost guaranteed route to a fast-track career. But with job markets under pressure around the world, how is the value of the qualification holding up? … Continue reading

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