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The Usual Suspects

(published in CNBC Business, July 2011) When employment lawyer Thijs Glasz wanted to broaden the scope of his career outside of the law, the logical step was to join an MBA programme at a major international business school. But if he expected to be rubbing shoulders with fellow legal professionals, he was soon to be … Continue reading

At Business School, Sustainability Takes Center Stage

(article published in BusinessWeek, September 2009) Many MBA programs open with an inspirational speech from a well-heeled alum. These days green business evangelists are the hot ticket. It’s that time again. Summer vacation is over, the sunscreen and swimsuits have been stashed, and a new school year at business school is underway. But what sort … Continue reading

B-Schools’ Big Challenge: Developing Leaders, Not Just Managers

(article published in Forbes, June 2009) Hard work and technical ability might once have been enough to ensure promotion to the boardroom or the partnership table. Today interpersonal skills, a flair for selling ideas and a capacity for developing people are all just as important. But even combining all those talents as good management is … Continue reading

MBA basics remain strong

(Article published in Times of India, May 2009) At the end of 2008, applications for MBA programmes across the globe had reached unprecedented levels. A survey by GMAC, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, of 500 schools around the world found that the number of potential MBA students had risen by a staggering 64% on the previous … Continue reading

Soaring demand (and competition) for the MBA

(Article published on vault.com, May 2009) Competition for places increases as young professionals use the MBA to turn the economic crisis into a career opportunity. As the final round of admissions to the world’s top business schools draws to a close, the numbers show that demand for places in the MBA classroom are reaching record … Continue reading

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