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Technology adds a new dimension to learning

(published in The Independent, Oct 2010) The use and misuse of new technology is a common basis of case studies at business schools around the globe. But how are the schools themselves using technological innovations to educate the next generation of corporate leaders? With five campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai, Hult … Continue reading

Jobs For New MBAs Are Back–But They’re Different

(published in Forbes, August 2010) It looks like last year’s predictions of a meltdown in the job market for new MBA degree holders may have been as panic stricken and inaccurate as many of the other forecasts we heard in 2009. As Pamela Mittman, who heads up career services at NYU Stern business school, reports, … Continue reading

The luxury class of 2010

(published in CNBC Business, June 2010) As interest in luxury goods grows once again, sector-related MBAs are seeing a similar bump. Although by no means immune to recession, it would appear that the luxury goods sector is still a highly resilient one. According to the MasterCard SpendingPulse monitor, luxury sales in the US alone are … Continue reading

Weaving Creative Careers into an MBA Mix

With jobs scarcer in such classic fields as finance and consulting, Europe’s MBAs and B-schools are looking into more creative professions (published in BusinessWeek, March 2010) Last year, as the world economy teetered on the edge of economic abyss, there was a simmering panic in business school circles about where the next set of MBA … Continue reading

Lessons in Leadership

(Article published in The Independent – UK), Apr 2009 Has the trend amongst business schools to appoint industry figures as deans come to an end? Over the past few years we’ve seen several key players in Europe opting for professional managers instead of the traditional academics either from within existing faculty or from competing institutions. … Continue reading

Führerlose Business Schools

(article published in Handelsblatt, 28 Feb 2009) Bei den europäischen Top-Business Schools rumort es. IMD in Lausanne, Insead in Fontainebleau und die London Business School haben ein Führungsproblem. Was heißt das nun für die anderen Wirtschaftsschulen? Zuletzt war es der heißeste Trend unter den führenden Business Schools in Europa: Fast zugleich ernannten die drei europäischen … Continue reading

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