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China’s growth drives change

(published in South China Morning Post, Feb 2010) East-West partnerships can bring huge benefits to business schools, but choosing the right partner is crucial. The demand for formal business education among mainland managers and professionals has gone hand in hand with the country’s status as a world economic power. But whereas in the past when … Continue reading

Can Executive Education survive the downturn?

(article published in Forbes, April 2009) For many in business education, the worldwide recession may perversely end up being good news. According to a global survey of more than 500 MBA programs by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 77% have reported a rise in applications from potential students this year, up from 64% last year. … Continue reading

The MBA (counter) cycle – boom AND bust?

They say that when one door closes another door opens. Certainly the current crisis in the financial markets is having a real impact on business schools at both the entrance door and the exit.  On the admissions side, GMAC is reporting a 22% increase in international test taker registrations for the GMAT admissions test. At … Continue reading

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