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Horizontes europeos para los MBAs

(published in AmericaEconomia, Aug 2011) ¿El mercado para la educación de negocios está empezando a moverse? El predominio de las escuelas de negocios estadounidenses ha sido puesto a una dura prueba en los últimos años, y los últimos datos sugieren que los postulantes de América Latina están mostrando mayor interés en los programas en Europa Occidental … Continue reading

How To Get Into Business School

(article published in Forbes Business School Edition, August 2009) Applications to business school are up. Way, way up. The economic downturn, the demographic boom of Gen Y and … dare we whisper it? A handful of top schools are encouraging younger applicants to apply, some even straight out of college. It’s not just the triumvirate … Continue reading

B-School Deans In The Hot Seat

(article published in Forbes, May 2009) Leadership is the B-school best-seller, but deans at the schools are trying to figure out just how to lead in these tough times. There was a time when becoming the dean of a major business school was like winning the lottery. It meant a comfortable gig with good pay, … Continue reading

Führerlose Business Schools

(article published in Handelsblatt, 28 Feb 2009) Bei den europäischen Top-Business Schools rumort es. IMD in Lausanne, Insead in Fontainebleau und die London Business School haben ein Führungsproblem. Was heißt das nun für die anderen Wirtschaftsschulen? Zuletzt war es der heißeste Trend unter den führenden Business Schools in Europa: Fast zugleich ernannten die drei europäischen … Continue reading

The latest MBA Rankings – what they say and what we miss

The fall season of MBA rankings arrives a little late this year. I think that was also the case for Easter, but I always get confused about full moons, equinoxes and the combining of lunar and Gregorian calendars. In the case of business schools the delay in the 2008 calendar came about with the Wall … Continue reading

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