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Back in the hiring line

(published in CNBC Business, Nov 2010) This time last year it looked as if the MBA jobs market might be facing a crisis every bit as bad as the early years of the millennium, in the wake of the dotcom implosion and 9/11. But all the indications are that, while there’s certainly no room for … Continue reading

Jobs For New MBAs Are Back–But They’re Different

(published in Forbes, August 2010) It looks like last year’s predictions of a meltdown in the job market for new MBA degree holders may have been as panic stricken and inaccurate as many of the other forecasts we heard in 2009. As Pamela Mittman, who heads up career services at NYU Stern business school, reports, … Continue reading

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught To Big Business?

(published in Forbes, April 2010) Entrepreneurship has become big business. Nearly two thirds of all the colleges and universities in the U.S. offer formal courses in it, 10 times as many as in the 1970s, when only 200 institutions had the temerity to think they could teach such a thing. Now business schools are realizing … Continue reading

B-School Deans In The Hot Seat

(article published in Forbes, May 2009) Leadership is the B-school best-seller, but deans at the schools are trying to figure out just how to lead in these tough times. There was a time when becoming the dean of a major business school was like winning the lottery. It meant a comfortable gig with good pay, … Continue reading

Startups for Upstarts

(Article published on businessweek.com), Apr 2009 Business schools have a chance to unleash the entrepreneurial dreams of a generation—they should jump at it. There was a time when being in a rock band was the ultimate in campus cool. Now it seems that once again being in a startup gives you instant cool, particularly for … Continue reading

MBAs learn not to bank on banking

(article published in Boston Metro, Mar 2009) The MBA has long been seen as the fast track to lucrative positions at blue chip investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. But the boom years on Wall Street are clearly over, at least for the foreseeable future. The latest survey from the MBA Career … Continue reading

Business Schools Face up to Facebook

(article published in The Times of London, 6 Feb 2009) With membership now over 150 million, Facebook has established itself in the last 12 months as the social network of reference for Generation Y. The 20-somethings who completed university on a diet of text messaging and MySpace have now graduated to sharing their daily lives … Continue reading

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