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Active Lessons in Sustainability

(published in BusinessWeek, March 2011) When it comes to teaching sustainability and corporate social responsibility in business school, a blend of theory and action may succeed best. There will always be a few adherents of old-fashioned, “robber baron” capitalism with the view that sustainability—not to mention the whole concept of corporate social responsibility—has no place … Continue reading

Endurance is key to survival of downturn

(published in The National, Feb 2010) The notion that a leader should have all the answers in a crisis is under serious re-examination, and some even view the idea as simply dangerous. It seems that, finally, the worst of the economic downturn may be over, both here in the GCC and around the world, at … Continue reading

Business Schools denken um

(article published in Handelsblatt, Oct 2009) Die üblichen Verdächtigen haben am Rednerpult erst mal ausgedient. Statt Vorstandschefs halten jetzt Gutmenschen oder Geläuterte die Eröffnungsreden in MBA-Programmen, hat Matt Symonds beobachtet. Es ist gute Tradition an jeder Business School, die Neuankömmlinge eines MBA-Studiengangs mit einer inspirierenden Rede zu begrüßen. In den vergangenen Jahren gaben sich führende … Continue reading

MBAs learn not to bank on banking

(article published in Boston Metro, Mar 2009) The MBA has long been seen as the fast track to lucrative positions at blue chip investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. But the boom years on Wall Street are clearly over, at least for the foreseeable future. The latest survey from the MBA Career … Continue reading

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