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The latest MBA Rankings – what they say and what we miss

The fall season of MBA rankings arrives a little late this year. I think that was also the case for Easter, but I always get confused about full moons, equinoxes and the combining of lunar and Gregorian calendars. In the case of business schools the delay in the 2008 calendar came about with the Wall … Continue reading

Symonds GSB goes to India

I used to find it hard enough to pack for a week on the road, let alone several months on a world tour. The fine for overweight baggage could settle the British Airways current account deficit, so every shirt, every pair of socks has to justify its inclusion. Though can you ever pack too many … Continue reading

How are business schools and this year’s MBA graduates preparing for the worsening job market?

The worsening economic situation affects us all. For many this is not the time to change job, whilst others are actively seeking an employer and will need to be mobile to create new opportunities. With oil trading at near record levels, and the spectre of inflation haunting the central banks, the next couple of years could … Continue reading

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