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Führerlose Business Schools

(article published in Handelsblatt, 28 Feb 2009) Bei den europäischen Top-Business Schools rumort es. IMD in Lausanne, Insead in Fontainebleau und die London Business School haben ein Führungsproblem. Was heißt das nun für die anderen Wirtschaftsschulen? Zuletzt war es der heißeste Trend unter den führenden Business Schools in Europa: Fast zugleich ernannten die drei europäischen … Continue reading

The international MBA job market

(article published in Diversity Magazine, Winter 2009) Across the USA the boom years for MBA hiring are over, at least for the foreseeable future. The latest survey from the MBA Career Services Council found 56% of business schools reporting a ‘significant’ decline in the number of jobs posted with them, whilst a massive 70% stated … Continue reading

Business Schools Face up to Facebook

(article published in The Times of London, 6 Feb 2009) With membership now over 150 million, Facebook has established itself in the last 12 months as the social network of reference for Generation Y. The 20-somethings who completed university on a diet of text messaging and MySpace have now graduated to sharing their daily lives … Continue reading

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