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Business Schools denken um

(article published in Handelsblatt, Oct 2009) Die üblichen Verdächtigen haben am Rednerpult erst mal ausgedient. Statt Vorstandschefs halten jetzt Gutmenschen oder Geläuterte die Eröffnungsreden in MBA-Programmen, hat Matt Symonds beobachtet. Es ist gute Tradition an jeder Business School, die Neuankömmlinge eines MBA-Studiengangs mit einer inspirierenden Rede zu begrüßen. In den vergangenen Jahren gaben sich führende … Continue reading

Executive Education Fights Back

(article published in Forbes, October 2009) Business schools weather the economic crisis by offering targeted, relevant leadership training. Travel, top-class restaurants, even taxicabs. Discretionary expenses have been hammered in the last 18 months as companies look to cut costs and claw their way back to profitability. The chastened boards of AIG and others are forgoing … Continue reading

Turn on your iPod and learn

(article published in The Independent, October 2009) If you ask a college student about the current favourites on their iPod, you might expect to hear of artists such as Lady Gaga, British Sea Power, or maybe even Michael Jackson for the newly nostalgic. Ask the same question on the campus of the Warwick Business School … Continue reading

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