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Startups for Upstarts

(Article published on businessweek.com), Apr 2009 Business schools have a chance to unleash the entrepreneurial dreams of a generation—they should jump at it. There was a time when being in a rock band was the ultimate in campus cool. Now it seems that once again being in a startup gives you instant cool, particularly for … Continue reading

Lessons in Leadership

(Article published in The Independent – UK), Apr 2009 Has the trend amongst business schools to appoint industry figures as deans come to an end? Over the past few years we’ve seen several key players in Europe opting for professional managers instead of the traditional academics either from within existing faculty or from competing institutions. … Continue reading

Can Executive Education survive the downturn?

(article published in Forbes, April 2009) For many in business education, the worldwide recession may perversely end up being good news. According to a global survey of more than 500 MBA programs by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 77% have reported a rise in applications from potential students this year, up from 64% last year. … Continue reading

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